Camden MapThe Camden Community News is a nonprofit, nonpartisan newspaper published both hard copy and
electronically each month.

Opinions expressed are those of the writers, not the newspaper or the board of directors.

Write to:
PO Box 11492
Minneapolis, MN 55411


What and Who is The Camden Community News?

The Camden Community News is a non-profit (501(c)3), non-partisan organization founded in 1976 and made up of volunteer board members from the community who are responsible for putting out a monthly newspaper which covers news and issues that concern the seven neighborhoods which together make up the Camden Community.

Writers: Various
Editor: Laurel Parrott
Circulation: Marky Wagner
Board of Directors: Buzzy Bohn, chair

Marky Wagner, treasurer

Debbie Nelson, vicechair

Linda Stewart, secretary

Production: Typesetting a la Macque
Web Coordinator: Camden Webworks

Our goal is to be a community advocate; to be a catalyst for public discourse, to keep residents informed, to promote citizen involvement, to reflect diversity, and to improve the overall quality of life for Camden Area residents.