Working for safe properties

Algo Realty Inc.’s CEO, Grigoriy Gorshteyn has been engaged with the North Minneapolis community since he started his real estate career in 2013 by both living and investing in rental properties in North Minneapolis. A decade later, he is proud of having personally, with his family, friends and clients, invested in nearly 100 Northside properties (that are also managed by the company he started in January 2022) in order to ensure that everything is done professionally and that tenants are happy living in their homes. One of the properties under Algo Realty’s management is the house on Emerson Ave, in which two kids suffered injuries from a shooting on July 26.

Grigoriy built his company with a mission of providing a chance for clean, safe, professionally managed properties to all tenants from various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, including those in less fortunate financial situations working with government subsidies. Algo Realty Inc., has been working hard with its investor clients to rejuvenate the North Minneapolis community, which has suffered due to stigma regarding safety issues, and hopes to motivate everyone to take measures to make our neighborhoods safer and more, not less, developed.

We ask that the city, and the greater community seek out solutions for the violence in our neighborhoods. In our work managing Northside properties, we routinely encounter break-ins of vacant units, theft and vandalism. In order to do our part, we have implemented protocols whereby we use security systems and other measures for especially at-risk properties; however, only if we all work together, can the dream of a safe, welcoming North Minneapolis community come to fruition.

We hope that public and private initiatives will soon emerge to make a safer environment for us all. Anyone interested in discussing Algo Realty Inc.’s experience working in the area and wanting to brainstorm possible solutions is encouraged to reach out to us: 612-433-4555 ext 704, or

Algo Realty Inc.(Property Manager),

North Minneapolis