Thanks to our community cops

I am writing today to give a big thank you shout out to two Minneapolis Police Officers. So often people are very quick to criticize and so slow to say thank you.

On Sunday, October l5 we noticed that our neighbor had three newspapers lying along the sidewalk. This is unusual. We knocked on the door and rang the bell and no answer. We became worried that our neighbor may have fallen or become ill and not able to reach their phone to call for help.

We decided to call 91 I and ask for a “welfare” check for our neighbor. It was only 10 minutes before two officers arrived. They did a check of the yard, garage and house. They called the neighbor’s phone and got no answer. They also checked the doors and tried to look in a window to see if our neighbor was laying on the floor unable to move.       Then one of the officers (officer Rudd) decided to make a few phone calls to local hospitals to see if our neighbor was a patient at any nearby hospitals. Our neighbor was a patient at North Memorial. It was a relief to know our neighbor was being taken care of.  

On October18 our neighbor was released from the hospital and returned home. We were told our neighbor had gotten a follow-up call from a police officer to make sure they were doing better and back at home. How nice. That was a surprise and a great thing to do.

Again we want to say thank you to our local officers for a job

well done.

Pam Zwim, Shingle Creek